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Don Reich
Previs/Layout Artist

Previs/Layout Artist

About Don Reich

Don Reich is a Previs/Layout Artist  and painter living in Los Angeles.  Over the past 20 years Don has worked in many of the Animation and Visual Effects top studios, including Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Moving Picture Company and Warner Brothers.  But Don has also extended deep creative roots into the fine arts with his dreamlike and organicly abstract oil paintings, which  now hang in many beautiful homes in Los Angeles and the East Coast.  In Don's animation career, his work has primarily been focused in Layout and Previz, crafting the visual composition of entire segments of a feature film's camera, character blocking, composition, and visual continuity from shot to shot. 


Previsualization or "Previs" is an animated visual blueprint of a sequence of a film, used to allow the director and production team to work out the action, camera and pacing of a portion of a movie before production begins.  Previs allows a director and his team to make changes quickly with previs, in order to work out visual challenges and details before the expense of an entire production goes into action.  Previs is used for both live-action and animated films.  Previs can also be used to work out the visual complexity of a production, helping studios determine budgets and production schedules.


Layout is the first step in the production pipeline of an animated movie which creates the template or blueprint for the entire animated project.  Shot by shot, layout establishes the character action, the camera movement and the pacing of every sequence of an animated film.  Every step in the animation process follows the careful visual blocking established in layout.  Visual details in layout may appear more simplistic than in previs, with rough animation blocking and simple textures, but these broad strokes are important as they will be maintained all the way through the production process to the final look of the film.

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