Previs/Layout Demo Reel

Previs and Layout both represent the moving visual blueprint of a film in slightly different ways.  Previs blocks the action and camera before production begins, and may be used for both live-action and animated films. Layout is actually the first step in the production pipeline of an animated film.  All clips in this reel have explanations of the work I was responsible for shown in a footnote of the clip.

Demo Reel Shots

This demo reel represents previs and layout shots in different levels of completion.  In some shots you will see the rough grey-scale animation, indicative of rough layout shots.  Some shots will be more rendered, but rough animation indicative of previs shots.  In clips that show the final rendered shots from the movie, I was not able to obtain the rough work that had done from the studios, so please read the footnote indicating excactly what I was repsonsible for in the clip.