Don Reich
About the Artist

  Don Reich lives in Los Angeles, where he landed fortuitously in 1993, to pursue his love of animation and a desire to put down some artistic roots.  At California Institute of the Arts, he studied Character Animation, but always maintained a passion for the fine arts as well.  Don is fascinated with composing space, channeling that focus into his layout and previz work.   Layout essentially represents the cinematography for animation and Visual Effects films.   Previz is the creative explorations for the action, early in the development of animation as well as live-action films.  Don has worked at most of the major Animation studios in the Los Angeles area, including Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, and Warner Brothers.   Animation occupies the bulk of his creative time, but he blocks out enough personal time to work on his own paintings too, which draw abstractly on nature, dream imagery and the fantasy scape.  Don's work has sold in Los Angeles and in New England, where he is from, and he  paints both for himself and on commission.  His paintings range in size from small 1-2 foot paintings to commissions as large as 7 foot squared.

Don resides in Los Angeles with his husband Frankie Payne, his sweet dog Nyla, and a prolific heirloom tomato patch that borders on obsessional.

Feel free to contact Don if you are interested in additional information about his painting or animation work.

cell:  (323) 301-2468
fax: (323) 782-1371

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